We did almost an overhaul of our 5-room resale flat. We went around to a few IDs to get the quotations, in the end, we decided to go with Inspire ID, mainly because of the budget. Though they are one of the big players in the industry and on top of that they are listed in the Case trust site, however, they are willing to work and listen to us and try to squeeze as many requests of ours as possible within our budget and I can assure you that not many IDs are willing to do that. We wanted an Ocean theme for our flat, and Kelvin Koh really cracked his brain to design the flat and he admitted our asks indeed tested/challenged him, Whatmore on a resale flat but in the end, we are really satisfied the overal work especially with the false ceiling ocean wave design and colour. Whatever that we asked him to touch up or to replace the defects, he was really quick to arrange his contractors to come up to fix them until we satisfy with it. No project is perfect and that’s where lessons learned and try to improve in the future. Similar to ours, though there were a couple of minor hiccups, Inspire ID by far exceeded all of our expectations. Definitely will recommend Kelvin Koh to my friends!