As first-time homeowners, we embarked on this journey with uncertainty. We wanted to make sure we sourced enough options for better decision making and ended up spending a lot of time meeting various IDs, even with the help of online review websites. However, chancing upon Authors was one of the most unplanned yet best decisions of our home journey! We worked with Pricilla from Authors and have never once thought she could be replaced with another. We had prioritized the kitchen in the renovation process and were impressed by the level of detail with personalized Authors’ hinges in our carpentry. Carpentry has been famed to be costly in renovations. Nonetheless, Pricilla listened to our needs attentively and worked within our tight budget. The whole process was positive and transparent. When we ran into issues, both big and small, she was always ready to support. We knew we could always count on her to help. In the end, we not only have earned a place we can call home but also a friend!