Ovon Design Pte Ltd, in particular, Leon, the Interior Designer(ID), was very responsive, and he had provided good guidance throughout the 3-4 months of renovation.

We selected Ovon after engaging a total of 6 Interior Designers. We selected Ovon in the end because:

* The advice from Leon seems not unrealistic – things that are challenging, he didn’t say simply said yes, or no, but went through the reasons of why, and also said he will try his best, but there are constraints that we need to take into consideration, and offered alternatives. This is a valuable skill but is dependent on ID’s experience (which we see in Leon)

* Price. The price that Ovon put together is the lower of the 6 ID’s proposals but not the lowest. We took this proposal because Leon seemed experienced and comparing the 6 proposals, Ovon’s proposal is most systematic – you know what’s in the price you paid and what’s not included.

Even though this is not a teardown and rebuild, our house renovation wasn’t a simple one, so there were quite a few changes throughout the 3-4 months. Leon was quiet patience and where he can absorb into existing cost, he would. There were quite a few that we had requested him to totally changed the design or newly added – for those I can tell he is billing us “bare-bone” cost.

From a contractor management perspective, he also keeps a good oversight of them to ensure progress and quality of work done. Where a sub-contractor has hit a problem, he is there to provide advice and where it impacts overall design, he is quick to come to us on thoughts and alternatives.

Whether it’s the quality of the material/equipment, questions on design, look and feel, quality of workmanship, site planning and control, defect resolution during the warranty period, Leon was always available to respond, with the background that work done was within building and safety guidelines.

Out of the country, we were not around during most of the 3 to 4 months’ renovation, however Leon was very reliable, and continued to progress the work along. On a weekly basis, Leon will give us a call or provide photos or videos through wechat/whatapps to update us on progress.

With the budget that we have and (& thanks to Leon), we are extremely happy with the renovation. We would gladly recommend Ovon-Leon to other people and would be very happy to engage him again in future renovations.