My husband and I first found out about Clarice and Project Guru from a post on one of her home renovation projects, and I remember saying that it was a home where we could see ourselves living in straight away. We met up with 8 IDs in total, Project Guru actually being the last – and we were lucky (Clarice calls it fate!) that she was appointed to us.

During our first meeting, she presented us with realistic timelines and deliverables based on the design that we wanted. Once we kickstarted the renovation project, she made sure to always walk through every single step of the process with us, and always kept her communication straight forward and transparent.

Even when working with tight timelines, she stuck to the scheduled plan and delivered as promised. Despite having some minor hiccups as with every renovation, we felt informed and attended to throughout the entire process. If we were to go through another home renovation, we would definitely choose Project Guru (and Clarice) again.