We’ve engaged Liz for our new house Reno. From the beginning, we had come out with our drafted ideas and eventually, she advised based on our character and layout we should go for Minimalist. Liz is knowledgeable, and the most important that she has provided us along the way was patience, prompt responsiveness, well communication. She also gave ideas when started our shopping with lighting, curtains, choosing carpenter materials etc based on her expertise. She was managed well when started work with arranging, planning schedule for all the contractors accordingly from electrical work, celling, carpenter, painting etc. and update us the status.

in fact recently due to COVID situation, may have major impact but thanks to her effort, she make it happened to ensure all the works are on track and on schedule to meet our moving in date. So far from my past experience, Liz is one of the ID that allowed us to leave our new home in her hands without worry.

Overall Liz is good, responsible, manage schedule well, and is able to provide not only nice design whereby practical for us. Highly recommend Liz from Oxley Bizhub.

Lastly, Its really a great experience to work with Liz and thanks her for design our HOME looks cosy with spacious feels.