The quotation given by Tues Teh is reasonable but not the cheapest. I selected Tues Teh is not because of price, is because my friend strongly recommended. My friend told me that Tues Teh has very good working attitude. My friend told me don’t need to worry sure he can do a good job for me in time. Before that, I still have some doubt about him but finally, I believe what friend told me. Tues Teh manages to hand over to me before the expected time. The unexpected result had shown that he had performed a good job, a good arrangement. Even minor issues he also helps us to settle in time. Example good arrangement is what suppose to be installed before and after painting, this part Tues Teh had done a very good job. Finally I would strongly recommend Tues Teh to any of my friends and also my business friend that need house or office renovation.