From the first meeting with Schubert, we noticed that he is an ID who is passionate about his work. His sincerity and honesty made us decide that he is the right man for the job.

For all the meetings, he maintained his sincere and patient attitude during the discussion of ideas and concepts. He will go into great details to make sure we are agreeable to the plans before the start of renovation.

Schubert helped to monitor the progress of the renovation and sent us photos to keep us updated. This allows us to work and even travel overseas with a peace of mind.

Before handing over the unit to us, Schubert will inspect the workmanship in great details and get the contractor to do the necessary touch up. Even after the handing over the unit to us, he did check with us if everything is alright within that week.

I highly recommend Schubert to anyone who wants a reliable, passionate and sincere ID to renovate their house. We are thankful to have him as our ID. Thank you for the heart work.