Our IDs, Jeremy and Zelene have been most professional and helpful throughout the journey from design to the final touch-ups of our renovation. They listened to our needs and wishes and went through every detail to advise us on the best option and most suitable materials. They were prompt, responsive and meticulous in their processes and thoughtful in their design.. for example, our kids’ platform bed were designed with rounded edges even though we did not highlight to them this aspect before… even though we had a tight time-line, Jeremy and Zelene monitored the whole renovation process tightly, often going down to site to supervise and keeping us updated on the progress… we trusted them in their professionalism so much so that my wife and I didn’t visit the house during the renovation… we are truly appreciative that they went the extra mile to ensure our new home is ready and looking back, if not for the timeliness of the renovation, we will be stuck in the process because of the Circuit Breaker…we were also impressed by the workmanship especially the built-in furniture and also the quality of the materials used… Most importantly, knowing our budget, Jeremy was able to advise us on the best materials and options that did not compromise on the aesthetic of the design and to help us prioritise between our needs and wants… we were pleasantly surprised by the art piece that Jeremy painted as a gift for our house which added a whole new dimension to our decor. We will definitely recommend Jeremy to anyone who is looking for a trust-worthy ID for their new home..😀😍