As this is my first time owning a property, I wanted to make it my dream house – a home where I will look forward to going back after a hard day at work.

I have the opportunity to liaise with Kevin, boss of 13th Design Studio. He appointed Lim Jia Hui, Senior Interior Designer to take charge of my renovation works. Jia Hui is a very pleasant young lady with tremendous patience in explaining things & making sure her client understands what is and will be done. Throughout the renovation process, she is always very obliging and attempts to satisfy the client’s needs and requirements.

One incident which touches me most was on the day before the hangover of the completed flat, both Kevin and Jia Hui came to clean the whole place. They could have gotten the workers to do but instead, they chose to do themselves. I am indeed very impressed with their very personal touch!

I am truly blessed to have Jia Hui as my ID. I also thank Kevin for accepting this small project – a 2 room BTO flat.