My sincere apology to Mr Jin Loh for taking so long to write my review for your job well done!  Lost all my pictures of my home when my laptop crashed sometime back and been flying in and out of town this whole year!
I would like to convey my thanks and great appreciation to TIL and Jin for your excellent job done on my home.  Jin is not just a great ID but most importantly is he listened and understand our needs and requirement as a customer.  He designed and worked within my budget that I have given to him and he oversees the whole renovation process and his patience level is something that I really admired and appreciated!
Thank you, Jin for being such great ID to worked with and thank you and your team of contractors and workers that completed my home with the 1st class workmanship.  Till date, almost a year had passed and my boys still mentioned about how beautiful our house is. I have also received endless compliments from family and friends on the great finishing and workmanship.  Truly appreciated and you guys made me feel so blessed that I have made such right choice in choosing you and your company to renovate our home. Thank you, guys!