We have engaged Jonathan from I-Chapter after meeting 11 IDs and he is the last one whom we met. If not for him we would have continued to search for one. Our first impression of him is that of a very focus and humorous designer in contrast to the previous few whom we felt, are dull in presentation. We have always believed that how well an ID firm perform is entirely dependent on the individual IDs at its’ disposal. What made Jonathan stand out from the crowd was that he emphasized on the cohesiveness of the home design in its entirety on our first meeting. This is something which we value greatly & thus appointed him.

Jonathan does not push us to add items but in fact very generous in giving very good quality FOC items. There are IDs who deliberately give very low initial quotation and the ugly thing comes in when you want to add items. Jonathan do not provide hidden charges and the billing is quite transparent so this is something you can rest assured. In fact, he normally bears the additional cost if he need to add items to enhance the house in functionality or making it more aesthetically appealing. Whenever we have queries we would be sure to ask him and he will not hesitate to provide solutions. If there is further doubt he will not be frustrated by us examining the same question over again. His ultimate goal is to have us as satisfied customers despite us being fussy & difficult at times.

We would highly recommend Jonathan from I-Chapter as your ID as he is both very capable & responsible.