After comparing a couple of ID firm, finally decided to go with Chapter B. Chapter B was not the cheapest and not the most expensive in price, but the experience talking to Bryan (the boss) was fantastic. I must say, my choice was correct. During the discussion phase, we went through lots of last min changes and design theme and Bryan was 100% supportive and even gave us great ideas on what is practical and what is not. Due to our last min changes, the start of the reno was delay but our target for completion was before CNY. No promise was given by Bryan, but he will try to achieve it.

I will not go into details on the reno progress, what most important is the handle over and after sales support. I must say, the quality and workmanship were fantastic, all joints/edges and finishing are nicely done. After moving in for a few weeks, I found some defect and misalignment to the cabinet. Told Bryan and within 3 days he got his carpenter down to rectify the problem. To my surprise, he came down personally as well (normally, most ID will not turn up after collecting the final payment), he was there to ensure that his guy rectifies the problem properly. After his guys left, I carry on with my own installation work on IKEA stuff, he was kind enough to offer his help (which again, I don’t think he needs to).

Oh yeah, he manages to handle over my house 1 week before CNY which I think was totally mission