Eric was assigned to meet me for my reno needs. Had a really long first meeting where he patiently goes through with me what are my living habits and needs, my preferences, etc. He also showed me the different materials and explained the many kinds of touch up finishing work on the cabinets, etc. Happy to give Eric the job despite that they are the highest quote among the 6 ID companies I have met. Was comfortable with Eric and his patient explanation. Minor hiccups occur along the way, but he managed to solve it efficiently. Eric managed to look out for areas where rectification works are needed even before I need to tell him to rectify it! Thank you, Eric, for the hard work and coordination and making sure that everything is completed and of good quality! Thank you for making the reno work quite a painless journey! Now looking forward to continued great service from you both if the need arises! Keep up the good work and all the best for your future projects! I am sure many customers will be satisfied with you both as well!