We have chosen Ovon mainly because we knew Leon from one of our previous ID assignments (Yes, we are a repeat customer!) and because Ovon has taken the trouble to obtain Case Trust mark which indicates that they value customer relationship.

A few of the other designers we have spoken to was either too obliging with their client or have such a strong opinion of their own that they totally ignore the client’s requirements and feeling. In this regard, we feel Leon stand out as someone who is down to earth in approach, patient and attentive when listening to our requirements. He also offered his honest opinion at the appropriate time for our consideration while respecting our final decision. I can sense that this customer-centric approach has now been cascaded down to his team as he took on increasing managerial role in his ID firm.

Leon’s quote was not the lowest, however, we knew from the structure of the quotation and his explanation, that he was being honest and serious in his work and listed all the necessary details which gave us confidence that there were no hidden costs and no compromise on quality. Most importantly during the renovation work, any defects and imperfection in the process were handled timely and professionally. Leon never once shirk from responsibility and for that we knew we can also trust him for any after-sales services.

Our latest renovation work on the kitchen was a small assignment compared to our previous assignment and compared to many of the other projects they were working on, despite that, we can sense that they have given us the same level of attention regardless of the project size.

I hope Ovon will keep up their good work and wish them every success in their future and I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and honest ID.