We engaged Weiken to design and renovate the unit after getting 4 other quotations. Even though we have quite a bit of renovation and it took place during heighten alert on top of a very tight schedule, amazingly Weiken manage to deliver our unit within the agreed timeline and according to our desired outcome. Workmanship and quality was acceptable.

I would want to call out especially Hazel, our designer in-charge of the overall design and execution of the renovation work. Hazel has been very patient despite countless changes to the drafts. She is detail in the entire planning, start work, progress monitoring and following up works right until upon completion. Even when we faced with any issues after the handover, Hazel remained contactable to assist us with making rectifications and assured all defects complete satisfactory. An outstanding quality of her being responsible and also responsive whenever we had problems.

Her diligent and professionalism shown throughout the entire engagement is truly commendable.