Where do I start?! firstly we’ve contacted a few IDs and have shared our plans, but he and his Company’s offers stand out amongst them all, he had explained all the promotion and plans on the first meet up and from then until the handover day he was well organised when we experienced some hiccups he knew how to handle those unexpected circumstances and how well he took our feedback professionally and reacts on them. That’s very important! The TRUST that it would be fixed and solved is really there!

We are one heck of a customer, very particular but we also have to stick to our budget and YES! we did! yey! Thanks to Arthur who have engineered all our ideas and budget into a marvellous outcome! We had a few changes along the way but he put up with us very well.

I definitely recommend ARTHUR to make yours a dream HOME, thank you love home, LOME and to all the contractors who were involved in making this renovation a successful one!