I would like to express my gratitude to our ID Mr. Ned Lim and Quay Wei Liang Willard for putting so much effort on my new house renovation work.

When we just started the renovation of our new house, we don’t have any experience. It is difficult for us to choose everything like the colour and patterns for cabinet and feature wall. Three of our family members have different ideas. Sometimes our idea looks so nice but the space was not practical. We discussed again and again. Although they look still young but they showed us patience, serious and response promptly. They combined everyone’s ideas and put their own suggestions. Finally, our whole family member is very satisfied with their design.

During the renovation process, I was sick and no family member could be on site. Mr. Ned Lim and Quay Wei Liang help us deal with all contractor electric, carpentry, painter etc. and always keep us update with the progress in WhatsApp. They all responded to my question very promptly when I encountered some unclear during buying furniture and accessories.

In the late renovation period, there are 3 batches of the furniture will be delivered to my house, but we are all unable to receive and inspect the goods. I was anxious about this, Mr. Ned Lim actively told me that they might help us to receive and inspect those goods. After receiving they sent me a video about the condition of all goods. They help me to solve my urgent needs. This let me felt so touching and warming.

Later I want to add some accessories, but I can’t go shopping to buy it at that time. Mr. Ned Lim and Quay Wei Liang went shopping and helped me find the accessories I was satisfied with. They sent me photos after installation and that looks so nice! Sometimes my casual request they will remember to help me to do it and then feedback to me. It makes me feel very lucky to meet them.

After the renovation completed, we went to inspection and we didn’t find any defects unexpectedly. The whole room is beautiful and clean. The workmanship of the furniture is also good. We signed and received the house right now. It is a bit unbelievable, none of us took a day off but we finished the whole renovation!

The whole renovation process was very smooth and communication was very pleasant. Although more than 3 months have passed, this experience still makes us happy and unforgettable.

I would like to express that if you are not too experienced, if you don’t have much free time, please choose them (Mr. Ned Lim & Quay Wei Liang Willard) and let them help you fulfill your dream of a beautiful home!