We started our renovation with Javis from Innerestic Interior Design in middle of December 2018 after meeting with a few IDs. We confirmed with Javis as we can feel he is knowledgeable during the meet-up and it a two-way discussion. He also provides valuable ideals for us. As we need to move in after the 2019 CNY, the renovation timing was only 2 months for him to work with. Javis is very committed and he completed the renovation in time for us. He is very helpful during the selection of materials and ensures all colour are matching. He will ensure all the works are carrying out according to the 3D drawing. With the short timing, he was able to complete with min defects and follow-up timely with the defects after we move in. Would recommend Javis from Innerestic Interior Design if looking for ID. GOOD WORK JAVIS 👍👍