Edward struck us as someone who is open and frank the first time we discussed our plans with him. He understood what we wanted and provided suggestions that were suitable for our needs while keeping to our budget. There were certain particularities that we were seeking for and he went all the way out to accommodate our request.

During the project, there were certain issues and delays (it was within our expectation) and Edward made special effort to assure us that he would resolve it quickly. We appreciated the frequent updates and sharing of videos on the renovation progress. I would also like to commend the engineers working with Edward for developing a solution to our peculiar request on the folding partition doors. Whereas in other areas, the carpenters did a very good job and made certain that any misalignments were fixed before handover.

We cannot recommend Edward highly enough for his responsibility and efforts in making sure we were handed a home which is renovated to exactly how we envisioned (We already recommended him to our friend!). An overall job well done!