We are very pleased with the renovations that we’d undertaken with Sunny and JJ. As my husband and I are quite busy with work, we wanted IDs that could handle the entire process and deal with all the nitty-gritty details: enter Sunny and JJ. They were both always responsive and accommodating – even on their off-days! Every time we had an issue/concern, we could just text them and they’ll get it done. They also kept us updated on the major timelines.

We visited six other ID firms with a rather fixed idea of how we wanted our house to be and the Local INN.terior was the most cost-effective. Sunny and JJ’s dedication at the pre-contract signing stage also impressed us greatly, spending upwards of 5 hours with us before we even signed with them.

Our entire renovation process (excluding the design phase) took about 4+ months. The workmanship and quality of the renovations (especially for the carpentry!) have been great. We had some issues with the mild steel frame and glass – but these were more with the contractors than the IDs – and the rectifications were eventually dealt with. Overall, we really love how our house turned out and it’s all thanks to the two of them.