My husband and I were first-time homeowners and like many new homeowners, we do not know where to start. We started shortlisting a few IDs and Raymond from Ovon Design is the 3rd designer we met!

Unlike the previous IDs, we were impressed by Raymond’s recommendations for space design. He is the only designer who was able to sketch and provide the carpentry’s measurements on the spot, and this gave my husband and I the confidence to leave our new home in his hands.

On top of that, Ovon Design’s carpentry is done in-house. This also means that they take pride and responsibility in the woodworks.

And of course, both my husband and I really hit off with Raymond from Ovon Design. He is patient and reassuring, and also listens attentively to our needs and make great recommendations when required!

During the engagement, Raymond is really responsive and transparent in the whole renovation process. He was also able to keep to the recommended timeline and budget and we really enjoyed working with him.

As like any other renovations, there are bound to be hiccups. Ours came in the form of minor carpentry defects, which were quickly rectified after it was reported to Raymond, and stains on the metal divider between tiles and vinyl (yes, Ovon managed to level the tiles in the living room and vinyl in the bedrooms!)

My husband and I highly recommend Raymond Soh from Ovon Design! 🙂 We have zero regrets engaging them!