I wrote into 4 IDs but only 2 of them responded. Among these 2, we finally decided to engage Katherine from DB Studio. We are really glad and never regret to have engaged Katherine to help with the renovation of our new house and to help with all the projects coordination works. Personally, I felt that Katherine understands both old and young people well in relation to renovation matters.

The renovation was completed successfully and promptly as planned and scheduled (within 2 months actually). During and after the project, Katherine also surprised us with complimentary items. Katherine has managed the renovation schedule well and she is very flexible in accommodating some of our last minute additions or changes.

Katherine set up a WhatsApp chat group for us to communicate about the renovation. The progress of the renovation was reported to us via this chat group. Any irregularities of defects were also discussed via this chat group. She is very responsive, responsible, caring to old folks (my parents) and attentive to what we wanted and needed for our new house.
Even after handing the new house to us, Katherine is still very responsive in replying to our queries. She even took the time to visit us personally to resolve some issues.

During our first meeting with Katherine, we were actually still rather blur and totally have no idea of what we wanted. My parents prefer a traditional design while I prefer those latest designs that appear on various renovation apps or websites. Katherine is very professional in her works and has resolved that part for us by gathering our needs and wants in details individually during every meeting. She had also presented 2 quotes to us, one according to what we wanted and another one according to our budget. Knowing our limited knowledge in renovation, Katherine had been very patient in giving us the detailed explanation, especially to our parents.

Also, knowing that it may not be convenient for my parents to travel around to shop for toiletries, lightings, ceiling fans, etc at a few places in half a day, Katherine had actually rented a van just to take us around to shop for these items. Katherine had arranged the van to pick us up and drop us at our old house for our convenience. During the trip, she is always the last one to board the van to ensure that parents are ok, safe and aboard the van already.

During the info-gathering meetings with Katherine, my parent indicated that they prefer tiles for the flooring while I preferred vinyl. For our parents, we finally went with laying floor tiles. Knowing of my preference, Katherine surprised me by giving my room an island bed design with vinyl wood laid on top of the floor tiles. I personally love the island bed design, coz it suited my old dog too. As the island was not very high, my old pet dog is able to climb onto it and then onto my bed on his own, without me needing to carry him up and down every morning and night then.

Many of the items that we bought were after seeking advice from Katherine and we never regret getting those items that she had suggested as they are really great looking and matches the new house’s design perfectly. She gave good advice on the spot to whatever items that we wanted to buy.

Overall, we are very happy and satisfied with the renovation works, schedule and process, and also to have engaged Katherine of DB Studio as our ID.