Key Concept has been nothing but praises so far. It has been a very interactive session with both Kenneth & Kelly since Day 1. From a zero background knowledge on renovation kind of person, it seems like after 1-2 sessions with them, I know exactly what to look out for in a house Renovation.

They have been very patient with us and very responsive in replies so that is something I appreciate the most because as a salesperson myself, I expect no less from someone who wants to sell a product/idea to me. For this area, they have certainly established this.

I will also strongly recommend looking for them in your upcoming house renovation projects as you will be surprised how detailed or attentive they are when my spouse detailed each design she wanted and maybe because they worked in pairs, very little details were actually left out in the next meeting. Unlike the other companies, we had to meet numerous times or remind them again for details they have missed out.

Most importantly, I must say their prices are one of the most competitive out there so you can be assured you are getting the right price for their quality. Some of the other IDs company (Not naming them) actually gave us a quote that was 15-20k more than Key concept and this is not because Key concept is giving sub-par materials but rather, the other companies tried to earn a bigger margin hoping I will be foolish enough to not do my homework.

So to me, KEY CONCEPT has earned my trust and that is why I am writing this feedback to the public for them to consider them.

Thank you.