Like many couples, my husband and I went to survey a few ID companies and although different IDs were able to suggest different plans for our new house, it didn’t take us long to decide to commit with Space Atelier because Eddie was so patient and detailed in his explanation that we felt safe to leave it to him to help us create the ideal house we have in mind. Not only was Eddie always willing to share his professional tips and advice he was also a good listener to both our ideas, needs and wants. He never hesitated to share his honest feedback, which is also something that we appreciated a lot. When the renovation journey began, he was easily contactable and would always sort out any problems in the fastest way possible. A very professional ID, we could really trust him to ensure that every part of the house would be done properly. We had a very pleasant experience with Eddie as he is someone who is willing to go beyond his call of duty just to make sure that he can help us create not only a house, but a place that we could call home.