Excellent renovation experience with Joel from Tampines 1. His friendliness and positive attitude leave us a very good impression of him. With his creativity and knowledge in his field, he is able to propose design not solely base on aesthetic, but also ensuring space maximisation and practicability.

His commitment and passion towards his job can be seen by the regular site visit done and taking the initiative to be present during carpentry/glass measurement/installation to ensure no discrepancy in the design and measurements. He will keep you updated on the states of the renovation through photo taken on-site and check/discuss with you if there is any improvement/alteration that needs to be done.

The workmanship/quality of both the carpentry and glass were excellent, very precise measurement and job are neatly done down to the very last detail. Upon any special request regarding the design/measurements, they are very willing to go on-site to discuss with you, propose some of the possible alternatives and then finalise the best possible idea. Making every piece of the furniture/item uniquely yours.

Thank you Joel and his team for such a wonderful job.