Any new homeowners who want their dream home to be properly renovated and nicely done just like the 3D. Jialux is the one for you. We would like to thank our ID Avril for designing our beautiful house and also our another ID Jayson for coordinating throughout our project during this tough period especially with the COVID-19 ongoing and thankfully handover before the ‘circuit breaker’ as we really needed that. I would say the whole process is considered smooth base on the current situation that the country is facing. Just a few hiccups here and there and minor touch up to be done once the ‘circuit breaker’ is over. We are in love with our cosy beautiful home and we are definitely happy with the overall outcome. Thank you once again to Jialux, Jayson and last but not least Avril. Definitely can’t wait for the photoshoot once our sofa and fridge are in!

All the best and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of homeowners enquiring once the shoot is done.

By the way, the quality/workmanship is up there with reasonable pricing. (I know there are many IDs out there that is in some ID firms out there that looks more like a Salesman firm with a bit of common sense knowledge rather than proper interior design skills and I’m more than happy to share with anyone who wants to know. True story by the way)