I would like to thank you, Benjamin. You are doing a great job. My husband and I really appreciate it. He has good patience. No matter how late we text him. He always reply to us on time.

There were several incidents which he was very understanding. He had already planned the next day for wall plastering but due to the budget, we request to cancel it. He willingly agreed to cancel it even though he had already confirmed with the contractor. After a few days we changed our mind and wanted to go ahead with the plastering and he still went ahead I believe with much conflicts from the contractor. This shows his commitment to service.

He is also very responsible and follows up with issues was also very prompt within a week such as Tiles change after door replacement. Sometimes if his contractor was not available, he will even hands-on himself until My Husband feels pai seh..

He also gave us much good advice like furniture, toilet accessories and colour which we bought online. Even aircon trunking routing which we did not engage him, he also gave good advice on how it should run on that day.

Most importantly it was ahead of schedule. There are a lot of incidents I would like to mention but too many…