We were looking for an ID to renovate our 4 room HDB flat. One day after work, we walked into Weiken Tradehub 21 to look for some ideas, Jenny Wang served us. After 3 hours discussion, we were deeply impressed by her professional sense in arranging the layout of the rooms and designing of the carpentry works. After 3 days we received her quote, all of the details were listed and there is no hidden cost compared to other few quotes we received. That’s why we have chosen her as our ID.

Being a stay in owner, it was really dusty, dirty and stressful during the renovation period. But she tried her best to communicate with her contractors and effectively solved the issues that we had met. It’s the small details that matter, one thing that she insisted to box up the air-con piping for our living room, she said it will make our ceiling looks much neater, actually, we really don’t mind, but jenny still do it free for us just for a better overall layout effect of the living room. Her unwavering patient towards us also touched me. Thank you jenny for your good work, surely will recommend Weiken and Jenny to my friends.