First of all, I will like to thank Jeff for doing up my house so nicely! I am very satisfied with the carpentry work that he and his team have done up for my rooms and kitchen. There are no major hiccups during my reno and everything goes quite smoothly. The only time that he called me up “urgently” was when there was a need to modify the design of the feature wall outside my store area. But with the detailed diagrams that were given to me, there are not many difficulties for me to understand the changes made. He even provided me with the modified 3d design via WhatsApp so that I could have a clearer visualisation on the amendment. Really impressed by his efficiency!

Jeff is a detailed person and he seemed more “anxious” than me when issues popped up. He would quickly msg me to inform me of the potential problem and update me on how he would proceed with it. In fact, after my few rounds of meet ups with him, I almost leave everything to him. During the reno work, I only go down to my house “upon his request” to firm up on matters such as locations of the power and light points, aircon etc.

At the start, I have a lot of ideas for my house. Some are “nice to view” but not practical in usage (“中看不中用”). Jeff will directly point out to me. So must occasionally “bear” with his “straightforwardness”. *hee*
But after seeing the end state of my house, I’m pleased that I didn’t insist on my ideas through. However, I still choose white colour for my kitchen carpentry despite that he “warned” me at the very start that white will turn yellowish over a period of time.

So Jeff, thanks for the commitments that you and your team have put in for my house! 😀