he first thing I would like to say is.. ADELE IS REALLY FANTASTIC!!

One evening I received a call from an ID and over the phone she sounded very sincere, polite and genuine. She was the first and last to call, and the first and last ID I met.

~ She is very very PROFESSIONAL and provide me advices with her expertise and knowledge
~ She is very PATIENT with me. Being me, I am fickle minded and can’t decide on what I want. I changed my mind again and again. Adele did not lose her patience with me. I always whatsapp and pester her with new ideas I have, and she will put all my ideas, together with her expertise, into a nicely done 3D drawing for me!
~ She is very COMFORTABLE to work with. She is more like a friend and a sister to me. No airs, not proud, no hard-sell, no attitude, no temper.. The list will just goes on and on!
~ She is RESPONSIBLE. I do not need to worry about the progress of my reno. I can just leave everything to her, and for her to update me. This is what every house owner wants right?!

Adele was the first ID I met and shared my ideas with, and I never regret engaging her. With her, my dream home came true. Though it has been months since I shifted into my new flat, we do keep in touch. As usual, I pester her over small little things and she has never ignored me.

Adele is the BEST ID and I strongly recommend her to all FB users here!