I came across DSOD through word of mouth.

Just a little bit of background for those reading this review: My wife and I were very busy with work and had done almost NO research on the renovation. We were not keen on haggling over price, reading through all the fine lines, managing poor workmanship by constantly inspecting the house and having to chase people to get the house done.

We met up with Don and surprised him by telling him we had no idea what we want. He was very patient to share with us his past projects and basics on budgeting for renovation, the fitting and furniture. We also discussed on expectations and stated a budget. He also shared his expectations and things which he cannot compromise. I find that very professional and finally he made an effort to understand our lifestyles. We also understand that he has a flair for design and always trying out new stuff and we were open to it.

We decided to go with an open kitchen concept, open spaces, focus on simplicity and my wife loves black and he will find a way to use that colour. Don proposed his idea and we approved it. He toyed and proposed with the idea of painting the ceiling black. We loved the unconventional idea and went with it.

Following, all the meetings were constructive and informative. As he knew the overall concept, he helped us narrow down the choices for us to make. He would explain and listen to our views. At times, he questioned us on why we make certain decisions just to understand us more. This worked out fine for us as we see him exerting his professionalism to help us sing the same tune in this project. We consulted him down to the smallest details – design of bed, type of furniture and even positioning of appliances. Don worked with us on this project and turned the idea into a reality. We loved how he takes pride in this project.

Ricky is quick responding despite handling multiple projects. The truth is, throughout the whole renovation, my wife and I only went down to ‘spot-check’ the progress twice. What we really loved was when we found a defect, we would snap a picture and asked him if was meant to be like that. If it is a real defect – never once we get defensive response or met with any stupid excuse. The defect will be fixed within the week. The workmanship was also good.

Thank you DSOD for this positive experience.

If you are looking for the cheapest, there are many out there. If you are looking for quality material, good workmanship, quick response, honest, professional advice and a designer who is not a cookie cutter. Look for DSOD