In my opinion, a good ID should have a good eye for design (A+ to Catherine for this!), be hands-on, responsive and diligent. They must also be able to multi-task, deal with unexpected issues calmly and have the creativity to think outside the box when required. In these regards, Catherine has met all these criteria and then some. Not only did she stick to the rather strict time frame we gave her, but the quality of work is also superb too. The whole renovation journey was made extremely smooth and enjoyable largely due to how organized and diligent she is. Updates were always done regularly which resulted in a worry-free renovation. Throughout the process, you can tell that Catherine genuinely cares about providing the best possible work and to fulfil the renovation goals of her clients. This personal investment is highlighted in these examples:

1) When our furniture from TB came much sooner than expected on a Sunday, Catherine took the initiative to come down to help us with the sudden delivery without even being asked to.

2) Before signing with Swiss ID, we actually signed with a direct carpenter for wardrobes and direct carpentry. Despite those things not being under her purview, Catherine still provided us with design ideas and advice to make sure our carpentry turned out as well as possible. The advice also proved invaluable in helping solve some hiccups with the direct carpenter.

3) As with all renovations, problems and rectifications are to be expected. Catherine never once shirked her responsibilities for these issues and always addressed them promptly and thoroughly. Of note, some of our tiles had warpage and Catherine did a fantastic job coordinating with the supplier and her tiler to replace all the warped tiles.

4) Despite the handover being done, Catherine is still prompt in responding to our queries and doing any necessary follow-ups plus rectifications. The after-sales service has been great.

5) Most importantly – all of her subcontractors were hardworking, provided quality work and were able to execute our vision impeccably. Not only, but they are also easy to talk to and were extremely courteous. A big thumbs up for them too!

Overall, it really was a pleasure working with Catherine and her workers! I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend Catherine to anyone looking to renovate their home – you’d be hard-pressed to find better value from another ID. Thank you so much, Catherine and Swiss Interior!

Note: This update is posted 4 months after our renovation works. During this period, we have engaged Catherine for additional carpentry – she arranged everything promptly and the workmanship is great. Also, any necessary paint/electrical touch-ups are addressed quickly. Moreover, we have an ongoing issue with a sewage pipe leak and Catherine has more than done her due diligence in helping us address it. This is definitely to be commended as Catherine has been extremely responsive to any post-renovation questions/issues we might have and has never once shirked her responsibility. Again, I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine to anyone. We are very satisfied with the results of her work.