“A pleasant and enjoyable renovation journey”

We would like to express our greatest Thanks to our ID Jason Lim for completing our beautiful and comfortable house.

From the start, Jason is able to interpret and sketch out the design on what we have convey. He also made additional effort to provide sketches of different options for us to choose.

Every discussion detail and work has been made transparent. For instance, before we engaged on a variation (before and during the renovation), he ensures that the price is clearly made known to us, consequences and effects, and provides us with alternatives to help in our decision making.

During the renovation, he showed great care at inspecting the quality of work of the sub-contractors, was also on site frequently to monitor the renovation and gave us timely update on the progress (through pictures). He managed his coordination nicely which also gave us a peace of mind to have him looking after our property during the renovation period. His can-do spirit and trustworthiness makes him a great asset for any client/company a like.

Jason is a very responsive, active in answering our queries, definitely a problem solver or solution maker.

One that we would definite recommend to anyone if qualities and services is the attributes that any one is looking out for. And not to miss out his competitive pricing after we compared multiple quotes

Overall, we are very pleased with the quality of the renovation works and service by him and his team. The team has indeed met our requirements & exceeded our expectations. We definitely recommend others to choose Jason as their ID for their house. Well done and awesome service!