We wanted to have something practical and able to last us for more than 7 years for our first house. After speaking to various IDs, we decided to engage Ovon Design for the renovation work.

We would like to thank Ovon Design for the excellent renovation work done for the house and the effort that they put in for the design and smooth communication with us. Overall the whole process was a positive and good experience for us.

Firstly, Leon for giving us lots of ideas during our very first appointment with Ovon Design. He is very experienced and able to answer all our queries and concerns as a first time home owner and able to advise us on the practicability and feasibility of our initial idea.

Secondly, Gary for being very prompt to our queries and questions. One of our concern was the timeline due to this covid situation. Gary followed very closely with the various contractors and tried his best to ensure the renovation works were completed in the stipulated timeline so that we can move in as soon as possible.

After staying in the house for about 1.5 months, we realised that the design was well planned eg there were sufficient table top space in the kitchen for us to work around even after placing the daily necessities.
There were enough storage space for us to store our things so we can maintain a clean space.

Although there are some areas that can be better planned, we are overall satisfied with the quality and workmanship that was done by Ovon design.