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Shower Screen Vs Shower Curtain: Which to go for in the Bathroom?

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, one of the questions we inevitably run into is whether we should go with a shower screen or a shower curtain.

Designs: The Merry Men Interiors (left) and Chapter 3 Interior Design (right)

With shower screens, glass is the most common (get good quality tempered glass for extra safety), with a variety of options ranging from frameless and framed to single screen and full enclosures. When getting shower curtains, you need to consider materials, the length of the curtains, as well as whether you need an arc rod or a straight one.

To help you decide between a shower screen or a shower curtain, we list down the different scenarios for you to consider.

Go with shower screens if…

You want a bathroom that looks like an elegant hotel en-suite
There’s no denying the classy appeal of a glass shower screen. Unlike shower curtains which tend to give off a more laid-back, casual vibe, glass shower screens feel just that bit more elegant and put together. Plus, they are what luxury hotels use for their en suites, so you know you are in the right direction.

Design: Versaform

You want the feeling of a more spacious bathroom
For folks with smaller bathrooms, a glass shower screen can help to create the impression of a bigger space since it lets you see the bathroom in its entirety without any visual obstruction. Opt frameless for a better illusion.

Design: Violetta Design Studio

You have enough clearance space to wipe them down
Too often, we’ve seen people installing shower screens with not enough clearance space to wipe them down properly, which can leave unsightly soap scums and water stains on the glass surface very quickly. So when installing a shower screen, make sure there’s enough room for you to wipe down the screen on both sides without breaking your back. You will also need to ensure you can clean your shower screen seals easily, which are areas prone to collect mould and mildew thanks to the humidity in the bathroom.

Design: 19EightyThree

You need a splashguard that is more effective
Shower curtains aren’t great at retaining water within the shower area. Water can leak from the undersides and pool on the bathroom floor, especially if your curtain isn’t long enough. A shower screen is much better at keeping the rest of your bathroom dry. Whether it’s for safety reasons or you just want to prolong that laminated vanity cabinet of yours, get a shower screen if you want to restrict the splashes to the shower area.

Design: Hygge Design

Go with shower curtains if…

You want more flexibility
If you use the shower to shower your kids, pets or elderly parents, or you use the shower for activities like washing your clothes, you might need that extra flexibility and room, which a shower curtain can give. No more knocked elbows against a glass shower screen!

Design: Meter Square

You are on a budget
Looking for ways to save on your renovation budget? A shower curtain is one way to cut costs, since they are a lot cheaper than getting a shower screen. Choose one with a vibrant print, and you get to add instant personality to your bathroom without the heavy expense.

Design: The Scientist

You want lesser maintenance
A glass shower screen sounds like a lot of gorgeousness, until you realise you will need to wipe them down every time you use the shower to maintain its pristine condition. If you are getting shower enclosures, hinges and tracks also need to be regularly cleaned to be free from grime. With shower curtains, all you need to do in terms of maintenance is to throw them into the washer whenever they get dirty and hang them back up their rod to dry.

Design: The Scientist

You want a softer appearance
We don’t often think about this, but our bathrooms can look just a little bit too severe with their straight edges, lines and flat surfaces. To create a more comforting ambience, you will want to soften things up with elements like round mirrors or curved sinks. Introducing a shower curtain is also a fast and easy way to soften the edges.

Design: LAANK

You are opting for a curved shaped bathtub
Shower screens can be too rigid to fit in curved or different shaped tubs. Creating a custom one that fits your bathtub might be too costly, so the best way to keep the splashes contained? Get a shower curtain.

Design: Ethereall

Shower screen or shower curtain? Which camp do you fall into when it comes to choosing a splashguard for your bathroom? Let us know in the comments!


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