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Singapore Interior Design Ideas: Balinese Inspired Homes

Singapore interior design companies love recommending Balinese designs to their clients. It is one of the more popular themes in Singapore homes. Singaporeans love their vacation and the Balinese interior design brings that homey, warm resort like feel indoors.


What exactly is Balinese interior design and why has Singapore gone crazy over it? Here are some insights:

  • Materials. Balinese interior design in Singapore means the use of eco friendly materials and finishes in the walls, floor and decors. In Singapore, all sorts of wood are used. Some use teak wood, other interior designers opt for bamboo. Other environment friendly materials used in the interior designs in Singapore are stones, clay, paper or metal. These materials can be used as dividers, countertops, flooring, ceiling or even furniture.
  • Colours and Motif. Colours often used in Balinese interior design in Singapore are green, blue, yellow, orange or striking red shades. The floorings are often stained dark wood, or some use textured rugs or mats.
  • Open Concept. As Balinese interior design is patterned on nature and the environment, interior designers often strive to achieve an open feel. To accentuate the openness, they add paper lanterns, dividers, bright floor mats and of course, indoor plants. You may notice that some Singapore homes – those who have enough space, that is – add in hammocks, large indoor plants or even artificial mini-waterfalls inside their homes (or their lawns if they have one).
  • Resort Feel. When you read about “resort feel” or “nature inspired” in interior design portfolios, more often than not, they are referring to a Balinese inspired interior design. Notice how beach resorts utilize wood, indoor plants and other natural elements to create a peaceful, tranquil place. That tranquil feeling is what Balinese interior design attempts to recreate.

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