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Small Space Solutions: 10 Kitchen Islands That Work in Singapore Homes

Kitchen islands are like the Swiss army knives of home design features; they can function as extra prep space, double up as a working station, serve as a breakfast or bar counter, or even replace your dining set.

But if you have a small kitchen, having an island might be a squeeze—but it’s not impossible! In this article, we show you a few clever ways you can incorporate that covetable island in your tiny cooking space:


1. Get those wheels on!

The key is to make that island as flexible and versatile as possible, and installing castors on it will create an island that is a lot more adaptable than a stationary one. Roll it out when you need them and tuck it away when you don’t! You can also move it around to different parts of the home to meet different needs.

Design: The 80’s Studio


2. Make it your entire kitchen

Rather than see your island as a supplement design, see it as the main feature! Convert your island into your entire kitchen by incorporating into it your cooktop, sink and oven. You can even work in some extra seating if you wish to turn your kitchen into an eat-in.

Design: The Monocot Studio


3. Go narrow

Instead of doing up a galley kitchen layout in your narrow cooking space, knock away the walls and fix up a long and slender island. You now have a bright and open kitchen plus plenty of countertop space—that’s what I call a win-win!

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


4. Or square

For boxy-shaped kitchens or if you can’t afford to knock down walls, you can opt for a square-shaped island that sits at the entrance to your cooking space. Because of their depth (compared to narrow islands), you can even install a built-in oven within.

Design: DistinctIdentity


5. Buy an off-the-shelf cart

If you’ve already done up your renovation and are just looking to add more countertop space in your tiny kitchen, get an off-the-rack kitchen trolley that can work as a mobile island. It’s a great accompaniment when you have guests over too, as they can function as a serving cart or a drinks trolley.

Design: Arc Define


6. Doubling up your dining table

You won’t need to sacrifice your dining set for an island with this idea. Here, the dining table is the kitchen island. Colour and design coordinate the dining set with the kitchen cabinets so that they match.

Design: VOILÀ

7. Locate it outside

When square footage is limited inside the kitchen, make use of the space outside. Having it outside is a great way to divide up your kitchen into wet and dry zones too.

Design: Form & Space


8. Dining table extension

Combining your island and dining table into a single feature helps to save extra space in the kitchen. It’s a convenient design, since it makes serving meals from counter to table a lot easier.

Design: Design NEU


9. Detachable Counter

This kitchen counter can be detached in order to make prep work more convenient. Open shelving lets the home cook reach out for his or her pots and pans with little difficulty. It also comes with a drop-leaf table that can be propped up to make room for more countertop space.

Design: Kejico


10. Room divider

Here, an island works as a room divider between the living room and kitchen as much as an extra countertop. Power points were installed on the island top so that the homeowners can also use it as a work space.

Design: D5 Studio Image


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