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Small Spaces: 10 Storage Solutions That Do More Than One Job

When space is hard to find in a small home, consider multipurpose storage to make the most of the tight space. These double-duty storage solutions that do more than one job should help you along.

1. Console cabinet that is also a coffee table

Part of the TV console cabinet is mobile (castors were added at the bottom) so they can function as a side or coffee table in the living room whenever there is a need.

Image courtesy of 3D Innovations

2. Bookshelf that is also a sliding door

A single-purpose bookshelf can take up a lot of unnecessary wall space, especially when square footage is already cramped. Placing it by the door by having it double as the entrance will help to free up some vertical room.

Image courtesy of Space Factor

3. Cat ladders that are also a media wall storage

Commercial cat ladders aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, so it’s a good idea to opt for a custom-made one that blends in with your home design. This one not only keeps the furry pals happy, it also works as storage solution and a dining bench.

Image courtesy of Produce

4. Bay window storage that is also a table

Bay window seat with storage = common. But bay window storage that also works as a pop-up table for tea? Not so common and fabulous.

Image courtesy of DistinctIdentity

5. TV wall that is also a room divider

This see-through TV wall made from industrial-style pipes and wood planks is a great display rack, but it also helps to visually separate the different zones—the living room and study in this instance—in this open-plan home without taking up too much visual weight.

Image courtesy of Icon Interior Design

6. Headboard that is also a dresser

This headboard hides a ton of storage room, which helps to keep the clutter at bay in this sleeping quarters, but it also features a compartment that serves as a dresser for the homeowner, complete with light-rimmed mirror mounted to the back of the panel door.

Image courtesy of Starry Homestead

7. Feature wall that is also shoe storage

Your foyer should steal attention, which is just what this eye-catching feature wall is doing. But when you have a small home, you can’t just think beauty without function. Here, this feature conceals a shoe storage behind its custom-made panels.

Image courtesy of 3D Innovations

8. Living room storage that is also a dining table

Full-height storage is a must to maximise vertical space in a living room. But this one is more than just a storage solution; it transforms into a dining table that can be stowed away after meals.

Image courtesy of Produce

9. Headboard that is also wardrobe

A pull-out compartment in the headboard hides a mini closet, which is perfect for storing everyday wear.

Image courtesy of 3D Innovations

10. Moving bookshelf that hides TV

If you don’t like having your TV front and centre in your home design, get a moving bookshelf that hides the black box when not in use.

Image courtesy of Urban Habitat Design

Will these storage solutions work for your home? 

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