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10 Things to Look Out For When Custom Designing a Louver Privacy Gate

Image from Sky Screens

The privacy gates are designed in such a way that the homeowners are able to enjoy some privacy, while they are lounging in their living rooms. A louver privacy gate is made of long vertical slats, which are angled to maintain privacy while allowing light and air through. Due to the design, louver privacy gates allow superior airflow and therefore are popular choices.

When should you opt for a Louver Privacy Gate?

A louver privacy gate is useful to keep out the prying eyes of your neighbors if your unit is facing the lift or is located along a busy corridor. It is a popular option to allow light and air currents to brighten and cool down the living area, while allowing the homeowners maintain their privacy.

What you should look out for when custom designing a Louver Privacy Door Gate?

Top view of the privacy gate: Original image from bigladdersoftware

1. Double check that you do not run afoul of the HDB guidelines

“The gate width, number of panels and swing must be the same as those originally provided by HDB. The gate swing must not obstruct public escape. Units situated along the common corridor must allow a minimum clearance of 1m from the gate to the corridor parapet wall (when the gates open perpendicular to the corridor parapet wall). Units situated adjacent to the staircase must allow a minimum clearance equivalent to the width of the staircase measured from the edge of the gate (when it opens at all angles) to the staircase railing. Units situated at corner end, should not have gates that hit the neighboring flat’s window.” (extracted from HDB website).

2. Angle and width of the slats affects the weight of the privacy gate

The angle and the width of the slats matters, since they determinate the amount of privacy the privacy gate has to offer. Generally, the slate angle is recommended to be 45%, to achieve the maximum amount of privacy, with the least amount of slats. The width of the slat should only overlap a bit so that they can obscure the living room view when they are viewed 90% head-on. Do take note that if the slat overlaps too much, more slats are needed. This will make the privacy gate much heavier and may cause it to sag.

3. Direction of the slats matters

The width and angle of the slats matters, since the slanted slats will only obscure and cannot totally block the living room view. Therefore, the direction of the slats should slant towards a wall for maximum privacy.

4. A double-leaf gate makes it easier to swing open the door

A louver privacy gate is heavier than a normal open grill gate. Therefore, the weight will be better managed if the privacy gate is designed as a double leaf. In this way, you can easily swing the gate open since it is lighter.

5. The direction which the Louver Privacy Gate swings out depends on the location of the main door handle

Top view of the privacy gate

The direction which the privacy gate swings out, is determined by the location of the main door handle. This because the privacy gate comes equipped with their own lock and handle, therefore the privacy gate has to swing in the opposite direction of the main door. If you wish to keep the direction which the privacy gate swings out the same as the main door, change the privacy gate lock into a handle-less one, such as a deadbolt.

Image from Copper Creek Hardware

6. The peephole door viewer will be blocked

Due to the design of the louver privacy gate, the door viewer will be blocked. Hence, you can choose to have a cutout where the peephole is located, so that its view is not obstructed.

7. Location of the house unit number needs to be determined

Design: The 80s Studio

Unlike the open door grill, the louver privacy gate will cover up the house unit number. Therefore, you can either choose to have the unit numbers installed directly on the privacy gate have the unit number laser cut as part of the gate design.

Design: butterpaperstudio

8. Bottom of the privacy gate door could be covered up to prevent water from splashing in

You can consider covering up the bottom of the privacy gate door with a door strip or seal and a removable acrylic panel, to keep out the water splashes when the common corridor is being washed.

9. Install insect screen to keep the creepy crawlers out

Installing an insect screen is highly recommended to keep out the spiders, insects, lizards and other creepy crawlers from entering your unit, without blocking the light and air-flow.

10. Wide range of vendors providing the customized louver privacy gate

Aside from the typical door grill vendors such as Laminate door and My Digital Lock, you can also get your renovation professionals or factories such as Yang Kwang Manufacturing Pte Ltd that deal with decorative and ornamental metal works (such as grilles, railings and so on) to customize the louver privacy gate for you.

Image from Sky Screens

4 things to expect when the privacy gate is being installed

1. Inform the authorities where applicable

If you are living in a private property, remember to inform your Managing Agent (MA) the date and time of the installation. You will be required to place a refundable deposit until the installation has completed. If you are living in a HDB, although you are not required to apply for a renovation permit, you should inform your neighbors the date and time of the installation.

2. Installation takes around 2-3 hours

You should set aside 2-3 hours for the installation to be completed. As there will be drilling involved, you should consider arranging the installation to take place in the afternoon instead of morning.

3. Minimum of 2 personnel will be performing the installation

You can expect 2 personnel  on the day of the installation. The gate frame will need to be in place first, before the privacy gate is  finally installed.

4. Install the silicon rubber bumpers on the slats that are next to the main door handle

Due to the design of the louver privacy gate, the main door handle might bump into the stats when it is closed. When this happens, installing a few silicon rubber bumpers will resolve the issue.


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