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8 Times in Singapore Homes When Hacking a Wall Proved to be Right

Hacking down a wall can do more than just create a bright and airy space as proven in these Singapore homes where demolishing a concrete wall, whether fully or partially, was the best decision ever:

1. Open Concept Bathroom

A glass-encased en-suite was the result of removing a wall between the bathroom and the bedroom and replacing it with glass sliding doors. It lends a chic hotel boutique feel to the space, made more outstanding thanks to the monochrome colour scheme the designer adopted.

Design: D’ Initial Concept

2. Dining Made Easy, Kitchen Made Breezy

To create additional bedrooms for their large family in this apartment, they had to sacrifice a dedicated dining space separate from the kitchen. To work around this, the dining room was joined with the kitchen counter to create an eat-in kitchen that helped to cut down the time needed to serve meals. Original walls between the kitchen and entranceway were hacked away so as to create an open space more conducive for communal dining.

Design: Ethereall


3. Light and Airy Master Suite

The homeowners sacrificed a bedroom in order to connect their ample-sized walk-in wardrobe with their bedroom. The wall separating both rooms was knocked down and replaced with a hinged glass door and a half-wall glass panel. Together with the almost all-white scheme, the absence of concrete walls creates a light and airy feel to the space.

Design: Free Space Intent


4. Cosy yet Open Living Room

In order to accommodate their large studio, the space originally set aside for the living room in this 5-room BTO, gave way to a loft-style artist workspace. Instead, the living room was moved to a bedroom, where walls were hacked away and replaced with bi-fold glass panels to create a flexible, entertaining-friendly communal space.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke


5. Café-inspired Kitchen

The top half of the walls surrounding the small kitchen were removed to make way for large glass panels framed in thin black aluminium. With the square white tiles and black grouting that were laid at the bottom half of the walls, the scene conjures up the image of a modish Parisian-style café.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke


6. Enlarged Bathroom

The wall between the service yard and the bathroom in this resale HDB was partially taken down to create a separate wet and dry area for the bathroom, demarcated by a glass door. The original service yard now sits an island-style vanity sink and a ceiling-hung mirror, while the shower facilities remain at the original bathroom zone.

Design: The Interior Lab


7. A Storage Partition

To accommodate the homeowner’s extensive book collection, the walls to the bedroom were replaced by see-through bookshelves that not only serve as storage but also as a one-of-a-kind room divider. The vibrant shades of the binds on the tomes also create pops of colours in this neutral-hued space.

Design: UNO Interior


8. Dedicated Walk-in Wardrobe

In this BTO flat, an extra bedroom was converted into a see-through walk-in wardrobe by removing the wall between the closet space and the adjacent bedroom and replacing it with a glass panel. The wardrobe, fronted by tinted mirrors, gives the illusion of a much more expansive walk-in wardrobe.

Design: In-Expat


KEEP THIS IN MIND: Not all walls can be hacked away. Structural column and beams, for instance, provide structural integrity to a building and cannot be removed. Most hacking jobs are also expensive (costing anywhere from a few hundred for a single wall to a few thousand for an entire flat) and will eat into your renovation budget. Contractors and interior designers will also factor in the cost of removing debris from the hacking job.


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