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3 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Cutting Board Clean

The chopping board is an essential tool in the kitchen. If it is not clean and due to the humid weather in Singapore, it will become mouldy. Different types of chopping boards are designed for cutting different food. How to keep the chopping boards clean? What is the daily cleaning solution?

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Different types of chopping boards

There are different types of chopping boards, among which light-weight bamboo cutting boards are the most common. Then there are wooden chopping boards for cutting meat, and plastic chopping boards for cutting vegetables and fruits. In addition, there are strengthened glass chopping board to prevent knife marks. Each type of chopping board has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that each household have at least two chopping boards to cut raw and cooked food separately to avoid cross-infection.

Chopping board knife marks are easy to hide bacteria

Knife marks on chopping boards are the main cause of having mould on chopping boards. Food grease will leave between the small gaps. If the chopping board is not clean enough and is not dried in time, it will become the bacteria breeding ground and cause mould. Especially for bamboo chopping boards, many housewives like them as they are relatively light and affordable, but they are indeed prone to mould.

How to deal with chopping board knife marks and mould?

If you want to erase the knife marks on wooden and bamboo chopping boards, you can sand them with coarse sandpaper first. After grinding away the knife marks, sand it with fine sandpaper until it is smooth, and then wash away the wood chips and bamboo chips with running water.

If the chopping board is mouldy, whether it is a bamboo cutting board, a wooden cutting board or a plastic cutting board, it is recommended that you replace it with a new one. Even if the surface mould is worn away, the roots of the mould may still be hidden in the cutting board and will soon be mouldy again.

Methods of cleaning various chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards and bamboo chopping boards have water absorption properties, so do not use detergent to clean them. Dishwashing detergent not only washes away the antibacterial substances in the wood but also indirectly contaminates food. There are many ways to remove food grease. Salt, baking powder, white vinegar and lemon juice are good natural cleaning solutions.

Wooden chopping board

The wooden chopping board is suitable for cutting raw meat because it has strong suction and does not hurt the knife. After cutting raw meat and seafood, you should wash away the blood with cold water immediately to prevent the protein from solidifying. Then sprinkle the chopping board with salt or baking powder. Give a scrub and then disinfect with hot water. After brushing, hang the wooden chopping board upright so that both sides can be exposed to air to dry and to avoid mould.

In addition, sprinkle with baking powder on the chopping board. Spray white vinegar to scrub, then rinse with clean water, and then hang it upright to dry can also achieve a good cleaning effect.

Bamboo chopping board

The bamboo chopping board is suitable for cutting cooked food or fruits and vegetables. The cleaning method is the same as the wooden chopping board. Sprinkle baking powder on the bamboo chopping board after each use, then use a sponge to scrub and let it dry. For disinfection, pour white vinegar on kitchen paper or towel and cover it on a bamboo cutting board. Wait 10 minutes before washing.

Plastic chopping board

Plastic chopping boards are lightweight and inexpensive. They are suitable for cutting fruits and vegetables and cooked food. The cleaning method is to scrub thoroughly with detergent in the direction of the knife mark and then let it dry completely. Since the plastic chopping board cannot be polished, if the knife marks are mouldy, it is best to replace it with a new one.

Glass chopping board

Although the glass chopping board is fragile, the advantage is that it is not easy to have knife marks and is suitable for cutting fruits and vegetables. Cleaning it is also very simple. Simply use sponge and detergent to scrub and dry or rinse it with hot water to clean the obvious dirt.

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Ways to avoid chopping boards become mouldy

  1. After cleaning and drying the chopping board, it must be dried by hanging upright. This not only facilitates drying but also reduces the chance of having mould on it.
  2. Do not use the steel wire to scrub the chopping board. The steel brush will damage the surface of the chopping board, making it easier to hide bacteria. Use a kitchen knife to scrape away the food residue and clean it with the above method.
  3. Use sunlight and white vinegar to sterilize and deodorize.

Tips to keep the wooden chopping boards and bamboo chopping boards in good conditions

Wooden chopping boards and bamboo chopping boards are useful tools in the kitchen. If you want them to last longer and not split easily, maintenance is very important. When using wooden chopping boards and bamboo chopping boards for the first time, it is recommended to rinse it with water for a period of time to allow them to absorb water. After being thoroughly air-dried, apply mineral oil or coconut oil to the surface to prevent the chopping board from cracking.

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