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Top 16 Bedroom Design Styles

Bedrooms are considered private sanctuaries of every home. People power down here after a long day, recharging for a brand new day tomorrow. A beautiful environment is bound to have its effect on sleep quality, so here are some of the bedrooms we find most charming.



1. How can you enhance your sleeping environment? By keeping things simple with light colours and elementary designs. A wall panel can be situated between the bed and wardrobe if space allows so that you can enjoy your favourite television shows before getting some shuteye.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: Compassvale Crescent



2. Up your bedroom game with steps and a sturdy platform. Such a concept does away with the need for a bedside table and helps make cleaning much easier.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design
Location: Blk 5 D’Leedon Condo



3. Have an assortment of cabinets and display shelves if the entire bedroom belongs to you. Complete things with a table and bedside lamp.

Interior Designer: Idees Interior Design
Location: Penthouse @ Parc Palais



4. In a lot of ways, your bedroom can stand out and appear more creative. The empty space behind the bed, for instance, does not necessarily need to be just a wall face. Throw in textures and dangling lights to bedeck this cosy space.

Interior Designer: Cozy Ideas
Location: Dawson



5. This bedroom is for fans of woody surfaces and vacation themes. Doesn’t this remind you of a relaxing bathhouse or sauna of sorts?

Interior Designer: akiHAUS
Location: Oceanfront



6. So you would rather study on your bed but it simply isn’t firm enough to do writing on. Idea: Install an appropriately sized desk right at the edge of the bed and there you have it, the perfect setup.

Interior Designer: Space Concepts Design
Location: 8 Woodleigh




7. It would be great to have a canopy bed with delicate curtains if it blends in with the overall theme of your home. Not only does it add an element of style to your interior, it also means added privacy when you let those curtains down for a good night’s sleep.

Interior Designer: Living Gaia
Location: Martin Place Residences



8. Look, colours matter in every interior, like it or not. In here, blue and white bedsheets complement the laminated wood surfaces of the wardrobe in the corner, creating a space that is easy on the eyes.

Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group
Location: Tampines Central 8



9. On top of customising bedsheets and lamps, add another personal touch to your room by including letter blocks above the headboard. They could spell out anything, really — your name, your favourite quote. Go crazy with the idea.

Interior Designer: Chapter B
Location: Arc @ Tampines



10. Yay to people who like to keep things neat and uncluttered. As you can see, the wardrobe and dressing table do not have to be in the same space as the bed. The result is an exceptionally spacious room any homeowner would be proud of.

Interior Designer: Lux Design
Location: Blk 505D Yishun Street 51



11. The approach here offers a fresh perspective on having two beds in one room. In typical cases, double-deckers or two single beds are used to accommodate a duo. This design cleverly increases headroom and privacy at the same time, with a soft bar separating both beds.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Bedok Reservoir EA




12. The thing Singaporeans appreciate most nowadays is efficiency — the ability to multitask. This study corner slash bed will definitely garner a few thumbs-up from satisfied parents. Not to mention the lime green colour scheme that simply revitalises the senses.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design
Location: Interlace



13. In some households, the bedroom exists not only for the purpose of getting a good night’s rest. Some people enjoy reading up on the latest fashion trends or sending out that last email before turning in. If so, make sure there is sufficient space in your room to allow such activities.

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior
Location: Punggol Central



14. Here’s what a Disney princess’ room would look like in real life. How do you find it? Looks just like a page torn out of a fairytale story, huh?

Interior Designer: Icon Interior Design
Location: The Minton




15. Instead of facing a blank wall or television before lights out, treat yourself to an exquisite view of a sunny beach island with clear, blue waves. It’ll give you better dreams, I can almost guarantee that.

Interior Designer: Edge Interior
Location: Blossom Residences





16. So you’re somebody who likes everything upscaled. Well, by all means, have a king-sized bed, grand chandeliers, a television, a massage chair, and even a full-scale dressing table all in one room.

Interior Designer: i-Chapter
Location: Dundang Sayang


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