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8 Ways to Combine Your HDB Service Yard and Kitchen

There are lots of reasons why someone would combine their service yard and kitchen. Sometimes, it’s because we can’t afford to set aside a dedicated area for our laundry needs due to a lack of space. In other instances, it may be because we want a larger cooking space. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to combine the two zones in style without sacrificing functionality. These homes show you just how to do it.

1. Conceal

The washing machine is hidden behind a set of pocket doors, which, swathed in the same woodgrain laminates, blends in with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry. Unlike conventional hinged doors, pocket doors can be tucked in neatly into the cabinets for ease of access without obstruction.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

2. Make It Flush

If you are setting aside compartments for your washer and dryer in your kitchen cabinetry, make sure there’s enough depth so that your appliances can be completely flushed with the rest of the cabinets. This will give them a neater, almost built-in appearance. Make sure there’s enough clearance—but not too much—on the top and sides of your washing machine and dryer for air circulation.

Design: The Interior Lab

3. Face It Away

In this home, an area underneath the counter was set aside for the washer installation, but the opening faces the other side, away from the rest of the cooking space, for a more seamless appearance.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design

4. Herb Garden

The service yard zone in this kitchen also doubles as an herb garden, with the foliage serving to camouflage the laundry essentials so that they don’t look too jarring against the kitchen setting.

Design: Free Space Intent

5. Extra Counter Space

Combining your service yard and kitchen together gives you a larger overall space. Use that extra square footage to create an additional counter to slot your washing machine underneath while using the top as an extra prep station or a holding area for smaller countertop appliances.

Design: Design 4 Space

6. Stand it Tall and Proud

If you prefer not to confine your washing machine to built-ins, have it stand on its own by the side of your kitchen counter. This works in this kitchen as the width and height of the counter are similar to that of the washer, so the appliance doesn’t appear out of place at all.

Image courtesy of Ace Space Design

7. Stack Them Tall

Stack your washer and dryer together so they take up less floor space in your kitchen-service yard combination. The all-white of the laundry appliances and the kitchen cabinets also create a unified appearance.

Design: Erstudio

8. Elevated Counter

If your laundry appliances need a taller clearance space than the conventional counter height allows, consider installing an elevated counter just for your washer and dryer. Using the same countertop material as the rest of the kitchen ensures that it can still look part of the cooking space despite the difference in height.

Design: Arc Define


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