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9 Ways You Can Liven Up Your Home With A Feature Wall

Finding your home a bit drab? How about going for a statement-making feature wall to breathe life into your decor? More than just a splash of wall that’s different from the rest, feature walls can also be tastefully used to highlight focal points of the room, make a space look larger, and create a variety of moods!


A brick feature wall adds warmth and homeliness to the monochromatic decor in this living space. 9 Creation keeps things airy with light-coloured wallpaper that doesn’t overshadow the rest of the room.



Make your space appear wider with a wide TV wall, like what Inspire ID Group has done here.



Placing the feature wall behind the sofa changes the focal point of the room to the generous seating, and by choosing a shade close to the sofa, Design 4 Space makes this living room look seamless and more spacious.



Who said you can only restrict yourself to one feature wall? Sky Creation makes use of two feature walls across each other to cocoon the occupant in the relaxation zone of the bed and TV. The key is to keep colour choices complementary to the rest of the décor.



Take the lead from Ken Home Design and demarcate living areas without the use of walls that can disrupt the flow of the space. Feature walls instead take on the role of indicating the various living spaces.



Similarly, a rock feature wall carves out the shower area and adds a cosy resort feel. Space Define Interior sticks to earthy tones for the rest of the bathroom to keep it close to nature.



Located in the entryway, the feature wall stretches from floor to ceiling and makes the space look larger. By echoing characteristics from the rest of the space, such as the colour scheme and paneling details, The Interior Lab anchors the decor together.



Put yourself in vacation mood every time you step out to the balcony, with a ledge stone feature wall like this design by I-Bridge Design. It’s a quick getaway from city life right in your own balcony!



Nothing perks up a room like a brightly-coloured Disney wall, even better if it features your favourite Disney characters at a carnival like what NorthWest Interior Design has done here. The colourful Disney wall brings out the essence of this playroom and immediately puts anyone who enters in a fun-loving mood.

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